Getting Started

Essential information to download and install Tachiyomi.

Installation Guide for Tachiyomi

Downloading and Installation

  • Visit our Download page to get the latest version of this amazing app.
  • After the downloading has been completed, open Apk File.
  • To install Apk file, you need to permit to install from “Unknown Sources”.
  • Go to settings in your Android Device and enable “Install from Unknown Sources”.
  • Open downloaded file from download folder.
  • Complete the installation process.
  • After completion of installation, open app and enjoy.

Adding Extensions in Tachiyomi

Once, You’ve download this amazing app, You need to add extensions of your choice to read manga. You can add extensions by following easy steps:

  • Open the Tachiyomi app.
  • Click on the Browse.
  • Now, Click on the extensions.
  • Select any Extension of your choice from any of them.
  • Click on Install.
  • Complete the installation process.

Adding Series to Library

  • Select the Extension you want to browse.
  • If you know the name of the series, you can write name or you can select from popular ones.
  • Click on the series you want to select.
  • Click on the Add to Library.
  • Series will be added to library and you can read whenever you want to.

Search Series

If you want to search series from all installed extensions, you can search by following steps:

  • Click on Browse.
  • Open “Sources” which will be shown at the top-right corner.
  • Write the name of the series and use the search option to search series from all available series.

Troubleshooting for not finding the Series

If you cannot find series, you can search the series by following steps:

  • Confirm your spelling by rechecking, as some series’ titles might be available in other languages, such as English, Japanese, etc.
    • Example: Zero Scans rather than Zero Sukyan.
    • Example: Otaku Sanctuary rather than Otaku no seichi.
  • Some sources may use unique spellings other than the usual and widely used wordings.
    • Example: Comick rather than comic.

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